Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Mennonite Ebbs and Flows: Two Centuries Along the Grand – Sponsored by the Waterloo Branch

Presented by: Laureen Harder-Gissing


The Mennonite Archives of Ontario reflects the histories and genealogies of diverse Mennonite communities, along with a growing understanding of Indigenous-Mennonite relationships on this land. 


Present-day Waterloo Region contains one of the most diverse Mennonite populations in the entire world. The Mennonite Archives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo seeks to reflect that diversity through its historical and genealogical holdings. In my presentation, I will share stories of the migration of Mennonites from Pennsylvania (the first European-origin settlers on this land), the Amish from Europe, the Russlaender and post-Second World War immigrants from the Soviet Union, and the development of various Old Order, Conservative, new immigrant, and Low German communities. I will highlight the ways in which original documents from the archives, materials from our library, and digital resources on our website can be used to learn more. I will conclude by describing the Archives’ efforts to be involved in the work of truth and reconciliation. 

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