Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Eastern Europeans in Ontario – Sponsored by the Eastern Europe Special Interest Group

Presented by: Eva Kujawa

Summary: How our Eastern European ancestors came to Ontario and why. 


In her presentation, Eva will cover an historical overview of Eastern Europe, and how it morphed through divisions and border changes, from wars and battles into the countries that we now have in today’s world.  She will cover the majority of countries within Eastern Europe and will share the impacts of the various cultures that share the borders.  Eva will then cover the various ways that people used to immigrate to Ontario and where they settled when they arrived, and what they did.  She will address the potential challenges and hopefully supply some solutions for this type of genealogical research.  Eva will take a look at languages, various handwriting styles, as well as various types of records that can be located.  She will also supply a list of websites and databases that hold a huge amount of information for this region. 

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