Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Friday night Keynote Presentation – Indigenous Archaeology and History in the Grand River Valley

Presented by Gary Warrick


The Grand River valley has been home to Indigenous peoples for over 13,000 years. Oral history and archaeology are the only way to view most of this Indigenous past. In more recent times, documentary (including genealogical) records, paintings, maps, created mostly by non-Indigenous people, can help us to see the past more clearly, particularly the people. In the early 2000s, archaeological and historical research of Davisville was carried out, an early 19th century Mohawk-Mississauga community and the site of a Methodist mission in northwestern Brantford. Davisville’s archaeology and history provides us with a glimpse of the everyday lives of its Indigenous residents and relationships between them and the non-Indigenous settlers of early Upper Canada.

Friday Keynote Presentation