Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Sher Leetooze

Session: The Bible Christians and How They Built Ontario

Sher Leetooze started her genealogy when her children were small, so you can imagine that she didn’t find much time to put into it in those days. But nearly 50 years on she is still digging into the family’s past and finding great material that just wasn’t available 50 years ago. In 1994 she decided to write about the township in which she lives for the bicentennial celebrations. She went on to write the history of all the townships in the old county. While doing her genealogy she discovered her ancestors were staunch Bible Christians, and so wrote a trilogy about the Bible Christians – the people, the chapels and the preachers. From WW1 Nurses and Clarington Home Children, to gardening and the study of wild plants, and now a foray into fiction, Sher has continued to produce books about the things that have interested her during her life, including genealogy sourcebooks telling people about the things she has found to help other researchers.