Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Eva Kujawa

Session: Eastern Europeans in Ontario

Eva Kujawa was born in South Africa to German immigrant parents. She has always been interested in her ancestors. She herself, has immigrated twice, from South Africa to England, and after 8 years to Canada and then back to England where she currently resides.  She has 45 years of research and learning in Genealogy. She has researched Eastern European, South African, German, and United Kingdom records.  She continues to increase her knowledge base through learning and has completed various courses for her Professional Certificate in Genealogical Studies – Eastern European, South African, German, Paleography, Analysis and Skills and Methodology.  Eva is also currently a member of various Genealogical Societies and runs the Eastern Europe SIG, of the OGS, with Elaine Obreza.