Virtual Conference 2023 Ontario Ancestors, The Ontario Genealogical Society

Early Black Settlements in Oxford County – Sponsored by the Oxford Branch

Presented by: Heather Rennalls

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There were Black settlements throughout Oxford County during the 1800s, that were rich in history with many residents who made contributions in Oxford County and in Canada. 


Early Black Settlements in Oxford County – looking at the areas as well as discussing known sites and/or landmarks, significant incidents and/or events, individuals and families within these areas.  Woodstock – industries, BME Church, Park Row Community Chapel, Smith Family.  Ingersoll – Wesleyan Methodist Church, British Episcopal Church (BME), The Daly House, John Brown.  Norwich Township – the Village of Norwich, Cincinnati riots of 1829, Lucan.  South Norwich Settlements – schools, The Williams Family, Otterville, African Methodist Espiscopal Cemetery, Ray Lewis, population decline.